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Q&A with Trey (Songz)

Trey Songz Speak On His Valentine’s Day Concert, Favorite Baby Making Track, and What’s in Store This Year

Love is in the air each year as Valentine’s Day comes around. Of course, who else better than Trey Songz to set the tone for America’s love holiday? On Sunday, February 14th, the multi-platinum selling recording artist teamed up with Vyre Network for their exclusive Valentine’s Day performance.

Shirley Ju sat with Trey Songz to discuss what the performance means to him, his favorite babymaking song, the recent sex tape scandal, his workout regimen, recruiting Rubi Rose on “Brain,” “Successful” with Drake, Fabolous jumping on “Say Aah,” and more!

How are you?

I feel great. It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. I got on my maroon, burgundy, crushed blood fit. [laughs]

What does it mean to be performing on Valentine’s Day Weekend?

Valentine’s Day is like R&B’s new year, very much a celebration of love. With this last year having been different from any other year I’ve ever experienced in life and as an entertainer, I didn’t know if I’d be performing this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a staple every year so this is great what Vyre’s doing to actually bring us into the homes of people who can’t get out and celebrate. Shout out to the couples out there staying strong within these times. Shout out to single ladies, I’ll be your Valentine.

What is your favorite song to perform?

It differentiates or varies depending on the crowd or the mood I’m in. Songs I love to sing the most: “Can’t Be Friends,” Neighbors Know My Name,” “Jupiter Love,” really the ballad songs. The high energy stuff is always great, but the ballads you actually see emotions change in people’s faces while performing. When you sing about love, pain, and heartache, it’s different than when you sing about having a ball. “Bottoms Up,” “Say Aah” are fun songs too, but when you sing emotional songs, you really have to tie in something emotional within your voice. It’s always fun to perform those.

Favorite babymaking song?

If I had to pick one babymaking song, that’s crazy. It’d be a Jodeci song, “Stay.” We were rehearsing yesterday and got to play around with a lot of Jodeci, some Gat Band stuff. We were vibing on stage. It felt so good to be in this environment where you’re on the stage about to perform. We’ve been so far removed from that normality of life within the past year so I’m excited.

Do you get nervous?

Yeah, I do. I’m actually a very anxious person. I’m very cool on the outside, people don’t know I have bad anxiety in a lot of cases. I pray before every show. Outside of that, I try to lose myself in the music. When you stop getting nervous or you get too confident is when something is wrong.

Do you make love to your own music?

Have I ever? I have before, but it’s not something I like to do. It’s kinda weird, but it’s a request people want to do that. I guess it’s a fantasy lived out. I couldn’t imagine singing while I’m making love. [laughs]

What is your workout regimen? 

Quite honestly, I don’t workout as often as I used to. Shout out to my mom and dad. Moving as much as I do — in a usual year city to city, state to state — it’s hard to keep up with a workout regimen. For myself, I try to do pushups situps as regularly as possible. When I’m in a steady environment, if I’m in the same place for a week, I’ll hit the gym everyday. If I’m traveling, it’s very hard to do so but I try to work around it. Calisthenics with my own body weight: pushups, situps, pullups.

Who do you listen to when you workout?

I listen to a lot of rap. Jeezy my go-to. Jeezy my dog, he’ll get you pumped on that workout.

What’s your favorite Jeezy song?

“By the Way” or “Go Crazy.” I’ll say “Go Crazy” with the Hov version.

Were the DMs poppin’?

The DMs don’t stop poppin’ that’s a continuous thing. Did they escalate? Did they reach a rate of unresponsiveness? Yes. My DMs are always active: a lot of old boos, new boos tapping the line. ”You knew this was here before.” [laughs]

You recently released “Brain,” why only on SoundCloud?

Actually, “Brain” is a song I did two years ago. It’s a song I love. It didn’t fit the body of work I recently put out, Back Home, which I wanted to be a solid body of R&B work. Not many features at all, all the features are R&B based as well. “Brain” is a song I’ve always loved. I wanted some hip-hop energy on it, it didn’t fit that project.

 I’m rolling with the punches, counteracting whatever life throws at you. I figured this song was fitting in the time of what was happening, people are taking a liking to it.

I wanted to move quickly so SoundCloud is something where you don’t have to get clearances, you don’t have to get a record mixed. Originally in my career, I’d put records out on SoundCloud, whether it’s YouTube, Ustream, Twitter, everywhere. That’s how I came to be a household name, by continuously doing it. Whether it be my songs or other people’s songs, putting them out the quickest way possible. We gon’ release it on all DSPs soon.

How was your session with Rubi Rose?

That session went good, she did a verse for “Brain.” I’ve known Rubi for a while, I’m super proud of her. Shout out to all the female rappers right now ruling the game, it’s an all-time high for dominance in females in hip-hop and music period. I love Rubi, I love her tone. I think she’s a star. She shines on this record, shout out Rubi Rose!

Fondest memories from “Successful” featuring Drake?

“Successful” with Drake was definitely a game-changer, not for myself and him but for music. Around that time as well, I toured with Jay-Z and Jeezy. Fabolous jumping on “Say Aah” was one of his favorite moments in recording history, because had he not jumped on the record when he did, it wouldn’t have come to be. A lot of my fans already know this story, but he recorded on the day of mastering. The song’s already short as it is, so imagine the song without Fabolous’ verse. The song would’ve never come to be, that was my biggest record at the time. That’s a very special moment for me. Within that time, the escalation of my career was so rapid so it’s a lot of memories for me within that time.

Can we expect another collaboration?

I ain’t in control of who I collab with, it’s a collaboration. [laughs]

How’s fatherhood treating you?

I love my son to death. He’s so intelligent, so loving. He’ll be two on April 20th.

What are you most excited for this year?

It’s been a very exciting year thus far for myself, it’s been a lot going on. I’ll continue to be positive, and live life everyday. Everyday’s a blessing. If we didn’t learn nothing from the times we living in now, some things we thought were important weren’t as important as we thought they were. Some people we thought were there for us, weren’t there for us. Some people we were there for, weren’t there for us. For myself moving forward this year and in life, I have high expectations for myself and the people around me. Hopefully, we walk in good faith and God blesses us. We manifest what’s supposed to come to us.

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